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Teapot here, with info to broadcast about my art and commission costs!! $5 for items smaller than 50×50 $7 for items between 51×51 and 100×100

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Danganronpa art style commission. All my drawings come in glorious hq, full colors and a lot of love. (for danganronpa please go here) rules! I'm sure some of you have seen my sprites on here, and i would like to make it clear that i am taking commissions for danganronpa sprites, cg art, and other things!

I loved this commission so much! I paid an artist to commission neptune in a danganronpa art style. This one’s all done just in time to wish everyone seeing this a happy new year, too!

Posted by 2 years ago. Took me so long to get every detail! There is an option to pick a few extras after you pick the package:

Momiji in the danganronpa anime style and chihiro in the fruits basket style. Discover more posts about danganronpa splash art. (with reference if you could) background:

She gave me maizono vibes for. I can base it off of any canon pose you'd like, or you can send me a pose reference and i will try to replicate it to the best of my abilities. Commission of someone in the jjba style.

I will draw either your original character or do a sprite edit in the danganronpa art style. For a singular character, it's $15 usd, and i can also add a character from the game for $25! I paid an artist to commission neptune in a danganronpa art style.

If not specified, it will be close to the v3 art style. Hire marcemorten to draw a danganronpa style sprite digital safely and easily using the art commissions platform artists&clients. Peko in kotori’s outfit really fits!

Add a pinch of despair and a pint of killing then you got the real danganronpa style. You can commission marcemorten to draw a danganronpa style sprite digital for you personally through our platform. Here you can receive sprites and splash arts in this style.

*♧ don't claim art as your own and respect the time that went to it, please *♧ i respect you whether you commission me or not and i believe you will follow all rules above, please *♧ don't make fun of anyone's ocs or art in the comments or any where and respect them and there own preferences, style and how unique they are! Commission of someone's oc in the danganronpa promotional art style. Go play a video game with your friends, enemies, or a sad girl on a park bench one final time for this decade.

I can receive payment after i send a sketch, and you can give me feedback then and also minutes changes after i color. All of my sprites are free to be used for whatever and ever, all i ask for is credit. Commission for tsuccmiki on instagram!

Please pay me whenever you feel like! Peko pekoyama danganronpa sdr2 kotori minami love live super danganronpa 2 my art crossover cosplay commission Whether you're looking for an artist for a danganronpa fangame or are just simply sick of how sameish all of the other sprites look, you've found the right gal.

Dangan ronpa chiaki nanami juzo sakakura danganronpa 3 pixel art animation dr sprite. My art is focused on danganronpa style. Just let me know if it's.

I need to buy a new drawing tablet, since the one i have is old and finnicky, and sometimes doesn't turn on.

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