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She really represented the best vocalist on Produce 48. Whats the best dancing Kpop boy group in your opinion.

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Love interacting with a.

Best kpop vocalists reddit. But considering how ITZYs music is we might not be able to see her showcase her vocal talent. For the rest of the Kpop idol world off the top of my head Ailee is really good and Davichi is really good. With how much Tzuyu is criticized for being a talentless visual and a bad singer I am well aware that her vocal technique and abilities are not that good.

Dreamcatcher SuA Dami and JiU. BEYONCE LEVEL in terms of being a performer stamina wise. MAMAMOO Hwasa and Moonbyul deep voices yea NCT Jaehyun.

Feel free to comment below. Good vocalist but not the best. Wendy of Red Velvet.

Sorry I worded it poorly angry people. The idol that is most overlooked in conversations about best vocals is Yuju. 11102016 Haeyoon is an INCREDIBLE vocalist.

I have heard a lot of KPOP and I think I can bring out my answers without being biased well maybe slightly because who can without being biased. I love how soft and unique it sounds. I am not comparing their vocal abilities of course thatd be silly.

Her runs and support ranges are to die for. Kyuhyun Ryeowook Chen Luna and Taeyeon are my top 5 skilled singers from SM but generally they are all at least competent. However I do think that Tzuyus vocal color is the best in kpop.

23052020 However KingChoice recently created a poll for fans to vote for who they think are the top vocalists in the industry and the results are pretty interesting. Chungha is pretty weak compared to most main vocals bro. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy.

Ive been listening to K-Pop for a long time I listen to all the vocalists on the list and I love them but I want to change the list a little bit according to myself. The Cherry Bullet vocal line really has strengths in so many areas. I would say that SM has the best idol vocalists in the world of Kpop just technique wise.

The guy has mastered the basics of vocal training is insanely versatile and his vocals pack this emotion that makes you feel a certain kind of way regardless of the genre he sings. His real name is Kim Jongdae and hes considered one of the best vocalists in the K-Pop industry at the moment. Also watch other videos on this channel thanks for watchingdont forget to subscribe.

Not necessarily a power main vocal but BoA -. Follow me on Twitter for udpates. Rocket Punchs Suyun also has nice vocals even though not a lot of people noticed this so far.

His voice is high but not nasally and he reaches incredibly high notes. Her voice is powerful stable and so refreshing. Ailee – technically I guess one of the best in kpop.

Discover more posts about kpop vocalists. Log in Sign up. In other words he can bend and twist his voice to fit just about any genre and portray the overall vibe of.

Her strength is her ability to perform while not outshine her other members with her incredible pipes. His lower parts are also a treat to listen to and hes one of my personal favorite singers. Taeyeon – like Bada also from SM has a unique and sharp penetrating voice which is very emotionally laden.

Check out who the top 50 vocalists in K-Pop are based on fan votes. Hope you enjoyed this video and if you did DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE. Jungkook is one of the best vocalists in the industry.

Idk I just can find someone to compare to Wendy Yuju etc. Hands down Baekhyun my all-time favourite singer not just in kpop but the music industry as a whole. Tags ACE ASTRO ATEEZ BAP B1A4 B2ST BEAST Big Bang Block B BTOB BTS EXO golden child GOT7 iKon Infinite JBJ JYJ MONSTA X NCT NUEST Pentagon Seventeen SF9 SHINee Stray Kids Super Junior Teen Top The Boyz TRCNG TVXQ U-Kiss UNB VAV VIXX Wanna One WINNER.

28122016 of course that we know baekhyun was the best is the best and stay the best forever in everything hes number one and perfect. N on March 29 2020. BTS V hes actually interchangeable with Jungkook in terms of technique but Ill add him there because deep voices and how hes technically not a main or lead vocalist in the group lol Brown Eyed Girls Gain.

So basically there are three main vocalists that will always be debated to be the best of 3rd generation. First theres Chen from EXO. Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Basically my bias my ultimate bias. I am aware that Jihyo Jeongyeon and Nayeon are objectively the best vocalists in Twice. 05042020 Personally I dont see many iconic main vocalists in the 4th gen girl groups so far.

These are in my opinion the best male vocalists in kpop right nowFeel free to comment your opinions down below but please read the pinned.

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