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Reason why i can losten to anything by their groups cause of the horrible feelin their. I dislike almost every idol rapper and find myself cringing to a lot of raps ESPECIALLY because most include weird lyrics and forced swagger.

These Are 10 Of The Best Male K Pop Rappers Determined By Fans Koreaboo

This is going to be controversial lol.

Best kpop rappers reddit. I personally think that he is a lyrical genius. Comment your favorite rapper. Also all 4 have really good vocals especially since most KPOP groups will only have about 2 that stand out as the vocals.

HOT 에이치오티 was the best Kpop group of its generation before it disbanded in 2001. Best kpop idol rappers. Rappers with potential to grow.

In my opinion he has the best rapping voice hes extremely versatile and his rap verses. RM and Jhope of BTS Changbin and Han of Stray Kids Hongjoong and Mingi of Ateez Win Castle J and Bic of MCND Chanyeol and. For some reason this is an unpopular opinion with non exol kpop stans but Ive always thought he was an excellent rapper and has always been one of my favourites in kpop ever since I got into exo.

4m Trainee 2 There are a bunch of amazing female idol rappers. 02092016 02092016 Top5 worst rappers in kpop. They are credited as the first Kpop boy band and the forerunners of the idol group trend in the Korean music industry.

For me some of the ones that deserve the praise and recognition. 23836 votes – 5 of all votes. From a technical standpoint RM is arguably the best rapper in K-pop Suga is top 5 and J-Hope is such a versatile rapper who always delivers fun.

Saying hes the best rapper in k-pop is probably unpopular just because its impossible to pick the best out of all these insanely talented. Here are some idol rappers I think are top tier. Kpop tier list templates.

Maybe even link a favorite performance of theirs. Posted by 10 months ago. I know theyre insanely popular but I do think BTS has the best rap line.

Infinite 4 19619 votes. 09092021 1 day ago The rapper position shouldnt exist within the group unless the idol is actually dedicated to rapping. One of them is dance be an kpop idol means also have to good at dance but today we gonna taking vote for best dancer from kpop male groups weve collected top 10 best dancer off all time the source is from another website.

LE EXID both of them were rappers before they became idols though Soyeon GI-dle Yezi former Fiestar member. Kpop – Boy Groups. However these are simply my opinions so please dont get mad.

Ive heard good things about Zelo and Yongguk but the only BAP song I have heard is. Best Current Male Kpop Rapper. A long moment of silence for Goo Hara who passed away.

19619 votes – 4 of all votes. 20267 votes – 5 of all votes. 01082021 01082021 Kpop idol has a lot of talent they can sing dance rap or do anything and make a lot of their fans love it.

But the rapper who really stuck out for me is Song Minho. They have one of the best disco choreographies in the KPOP industry. After finishing your Kpop tier list ranking check out these Kpop Brackets.

4th gen kpop groups updated as of july 2021 Boy Groups. The best kpop rappers. Some not added but definitely could have been.

YeeUn CLC Idk I like her style and sound. The Boyz 5 20267 votes. She seems to know what shes doing and her flow is super nice 4.

Chanyeol is one of the best rappers in kpop. Wanna One 4 16200 votes. Posted by 1 year ago.

The most official and accurate list of the fastest kpop idol rappers. Jessi solo I love her rapping. 14052020 Who is your favorite K-pop female rapper.

2020 K-pop title tracks. I dont really think that they are any exclusive best rapper in Kpop because I always get amazed by the individualities and talent of many of them. Jessi HyunA GI-DLEs Jeon Soyeon ITZYs Ryujin CL MAMAMOOs Moonbyul DREAMCATCHERs Dami Kisum Amber Liu BLACKPINKs Lisa LOONAs Gowon Hyoyeon Cherry Bullets Jiwon TWICEs Chaeyoung LOONAs Jinsoul Exy Yezi AOAs Jimin BLACKPINKs Jennie Red Velvets Irene TWICEs Dahyun EXIDs LE CLC Yeeun.

Miryo Brown Eyed Girls. The best kpop rappers. 10012019 23836 votes 5.

All numbers are calculated by ME and used the same constant to compare them fairly. Ive seen Zico get mentioned A LOT though so not sure if its an unpopular opinion. This group is also a bop to listen to.

Zico Mino Rap Mon Suga Bobby BI. 01072021 01072021 with 37440 votes As the Best Male Rapper Kpop 2021 Kpop Vote.

Any Of The Bts Rappers Are Better Overall Than The Average Superficial Korean Rapper Obsessed With Flexing And Money Unpopularkpopopinions

Rappers That Could Be Good Vocalists Kpop

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