Best 4th Gen Kpop Male Dancers

Fine to shout out an entire dance line too but Im really interested in who seems to have potential to be one of the big names people think of now like Kai J-Hope Taemin etc as the best dancers in the industry. EXO debuts in 2012 BTS debuts in 2013.

Cha Eun Woo In Medical Science Department 4th Gen Photos 200313 In 2021 Cha Eun Woo Cha Eun Woo Astro Eun Woo Astro

Wow this was really hard to cut down to just 5 people.

Best 4th gen kpop male dancers. Fourth gen so far is shaping up to be pretty strongly performance oriented so I think the competition is tough. And this list does not r. Best kpop 4th gen female dancers – YouTube.

ALSO ProduceX101s Baek Jin had such wasted potential. DBSK debuts in 2003 Suju in 2005 SNSD in 2007. Professional Dancer Reacts to Best Male Dancers in K-Pop 4th Gen TXT NCT ENHYPEN TREASURE etcVideo sponsored by Kloot Box.

The Boyz Juyeon will rank 2nd after Niki I guess. Kasper is also well-known for choreographing Ko. 25022021 From a technical standpoint I think the best dancers are Ni-ki and Lee Know.

And he is only 15. Please tell me if I forgot somebody. Same drill as last time ik ik Im boring.

Kai is the best dancer of them all. NEW GENERATION IDOLS WITH THE BEST STAGE PRESENCE Im back with another random upload. Hyunjin and Yeonjun are also both amazing dancers but I think the reason they have so many votes is more because.

Chaeyeon Kai Rocky and BoA. NCT2020 is the most all-rounded group K-pop is going to see for a while and its going to be a long time before any K-pop company has the amount of talent to produce a group like NCT. These are predictions for the future.

Like all of them are extremely good at dancing. And also u havent written any member from MCND tho. 26052020 According to the man behind the choreography of Love Shot.

SM Ent was founded in 1989 Seo Taiji. Boys debuted in 1992 HOT. 17022021 Even though I dont stan I know that Ni-Ki is by far the best dancer in 4th gen.

This time I decided to rank the top 12 4th gen idols with most charism. 17022021 Ni-Ki 26 28. He also said that Kai is a very versatile dancer.

Heres my list of honorable mentions as well because they deserve it. WORST TO BEST MAIN VOCAL IN 4TH GEN BOY GROUP this video is based on my opinion—–. There is not necessairly a connection to their current popularity.

He was easily the strongest dancer in the competition but chose to go down the rapping route instead. 2020 was the year I found out about the power of SM.

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