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Bargain Hunting: Best Espresso Machine under $200


I’m a huge espresso fan, addicted to the kick that only a strong short coffee can give you in the morning. The modern espresso maker market is packed with machines under $200. Some of these units include features that match the big boys in the above $500 price bracket.

So what do you get in a $200 espresso machine? At the $200 price, coffee-lovers can buy a reliable machine to make café quality coffee at home. They are good espresso machines and a solid starting point to begin mastering the perfect brew.

Do you need a milk frother for your lattes? At $200 it’s available. You can make all your friends their favorite drinks whether it’s a mocha, cafe macchiato or latte. The best espresso machine under $200 is equipped to do it all.

1. DeLonghi EC702 Review

Best Espresso Machine under $200 delonghi ec702 review
DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker
  • Pump Espresso Maker from DeLonghi
    Brew espresso or cappuccino at the perfect temperature
  • Cappuccino System Frother
    Easily prepare latte and cappuccino with the patented Cappuccino System frother. It mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for perfect drinks every time.
  • Patented Dual Function Filter Holder
    With the EC 702’s dual function filter holder, you can use ground coffee as normal, or convenient coffee pods for faster preparation. It makes espresso and cappuccino preparation quick and easy.
  • Self-Priming Operation
    Eliminate annoying start-up preparation with the EC 702’s self-priming operation. Get to your coffee faster, with less waiting around for the element and boiler to reach the correct temperature.
  • Cup Warming Tray
    Always have a warm cup ready with the cup warming tray. The heated top panel gently warms several cups so you can create drinks with consistent temperature.

Video guide showing the EC702 in action

Perfect for espresso lovers on a budget, De’Longhi’s highly acclaimed EC702 15-bar-pump espresso and cappuccino machine makes your favorite brew just how you like it. Owners of this machine have the option of ground espresso or E.S.E pods with its unique dual filter holder. The Sempre Crema Filter, used with two measures of ground coffee, enhances the brewing process to produce a perfect crema. The E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) Filter, used with pods or one measure of ground coffee, makes espresso preparation simple and convenient.

Whichever way, the choice is yours, making your espresso truly unique. Enjoy espresso or cappuccino without worry with two separate thermostats that control water and steam pressure, so you can make both espresso or cappuccino at the perfect temperature without the hassle of adjusting your machine.

If you are a cappuccino fan you’ll enjoy using the easy to use cappuccino frother, which includes a special chamber that mixes steam and milk to create a rich creamy froth which makes perfect white coffee every time. In order to eliminate annoying start-up preparation, De’Longhi designers have included a self-priming operation for a quick brew every time. Also included is a unique no-drip design, so you don’t have to worry about messy cleanup.

Additional Features:

  • Patented frother mixes steam and milk for rich, creamy froth.
  • Heated top panel gently warms cups keeping a consistent temperature.
  • Achieve the most authentic flavor with the DeLonghi EC 702 Pump Espresso Maker. Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder, making espresso preparation simple and fast. Always brew espresso or cappuccino at the perfect temperature with two separate thermostats, which allow for water and steam pressure to be controlled separately. A stainless steel boiler and 15-bar pump create perfect espresso time after time. An anti-drip design means no need to deal with messy cleanup.

2. De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker review
De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Coming up second on our list is another De’Longhi machine, their EC155 Espresso and cappuccino maker. Slightly cheaper than the EC702 model which we’ve rated as the number one machine under $200. It’s a fantastic home espresso machine which usually sells for under $150 (check the latest pricing via the link below).

Latte Art with the De’Longhi EC155


  • Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time
  • Eliminate annoying start-up preparation with the self-priming operation
  • Always brew espresso at the perfect temperature with two separate thermostats, which allow for water and steam pressure to be controlled separately,all parts included inside the machine or unit
  • Enjoy delicious espresso for years to come with the durable, high-quality stainless steel boiler and 15 bar pump pressure
  • Coffee cups not included with the product

Comparision – DeLonghi EC155 vs. EC702

Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Casing

The De’Longhi EC702 includes a sleek stainless steel case with cup warmer functionality. Not only can you store your favorite espresso cups on top of your machine but they’ll be nice and warm by the time your ready to brew each morning. In comparison, the EC155 unit is made from plastic casing, so the higher end De’Longhi EC702 has greater durability.

Display Panel – More Organized and Push Buttons vs. Dial

De’Longhi have included a three button display panel on the higher priced EC702 with LED status lights indicating when water temperature is ready to brew, and when the streamer operation is ready to make cappuccino and hot chocolates. Their budget-friendly EC155 has a plastic dial on the EC155.


  • (W x D x H inches):
  • EC702: Wider than its cheaper cousin by 4 inches (11.25 x 8.19 x 12.50, 11.10 pounds)
  • EC155: Deeper than the EC702 (7.5 x 13.25 x 11.50, 7.15 pounds)


The EC702 is approximately 4 pounds heavier than EC155 due to the stainless steel casing. Overall this gives the machine a more robust build quality and more stability on the countertop.

Water Tank

EC702 is equipped with a larger water tank of 44 oz. vs. the 35 oz. in the EC155 model. The larger the tank is, the less frequently you’ll have to fill the tank. The water tank location is also moved to the right-hand side which is more readily available than the top location in the previous model.

Cappuccino System Frother

The De’Longhi designers have included an upgraded Cappuccino System Frother on the EC702 unit. Many buyers have reviewed the latest frother design favourability because of the way that it steams your milk to aerate and swirl, creating a frothy & creamy texture. Speaking of frothing, the frothing wand has been moved from the left side to right in the EC702 model.

How To: Make a Cappuccino DeLonghi EC155