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11 Great Chicago Coffee Shops – Fuel Up in the Windy City

    best-chicago-coffee-shopsDuring my recent holiday in Chicago, I realized how much the locals absolutely love their coffee.

    The overwhelming majority of folks in this great city start their day off with a specialty brew, and many of them visit some of the best coffeehouses in Chicago to make sure that they are starting their morning off on the right foot.

    Home to some of the best coffeehouses in all of the United States, Chicago has really breathed new life into the coffee culture. A lot of these coffeehouses have become serious about getting their hands on specialty beans, are serious about fair trade products and everything that fair trade stands for, and some have even taken to partnering up with those that grow beans while handling their own roasting responsibilities – really creating specialty drinks and flavors that no one else on the planet has access to.

    If you would love nothing more than to get your hands on some of the best cups of coffee in the city of Chicago, all you have to do is visit any of these 11 great coffeehouses. You won’t regret it!

    Asado Coffee

    Originally opening their doors in 2009, this amazing coffeehouse in Chicago quickly built up a reputation for brewing some of the best (and strongest) cups of coffee in the city. This helped Asado to establish a huge following, allowed them to open multiple locations throughout the city.

    If there is just one great coffeehouse in Chicago you’re going to visit on this list, make it this one!

    Intelligentsia Coffee

    7 - intelligentsiacoffee - Millennium Park
    The coffee that this coffee shop puts out is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack when it comes to the selection of, roasting of, and brewing of premium beans. The owners behind this operation are so serious about sourcing only the best beans that they make multiple trips each year all over the world to find those responsible for growing and harvesting beans sustain-ably. If you’re near Millennium Park make sure to check out this beautiful coffee-shop located between Michigan and Wabash Avenues.

    City Grounds Chicago

    Another of the impressive independent coffee shops operating in Lincoln Park, you’re going to find that each and every single cup of coffee brewed here is brewed only from the finest ingredients are available. Seriously – it’s unlikely that you’ll find any other coffee operation in the city or beyond that focuses quite as fanatically on using only the best ingredients are available at every opportunity.

    Dollop Coffee Co.

    For more than 10 years, this coffee shop has been doing business in the uptown area of Chicago and they have been absolutely knocking it out of the park every single step of the way. Their coffee is fantastic (try the Metropolis Coffee if you get the chance), but their baked goods are so good that they are soon to open their own bakery in the Ukrainian Village.

    Ipsento Coffe

    First opening their doors in 2006, this coffee shop was conceived around the idea of embracing the unique personal journey that each and every one of us are on every day of our lives – and the important role that coffee serves in “waking us up” both physically and mentally. This coffee is definitely going to help you move forward along this journey!

    The Metropolis Coffee Company

    great chicago coffeehouses
    If Superman needed to start every morning with the best cup of Joe he could get his superhero hands-on, the odds are pretty good that THIS is where he would go. Winner of multiple awards in the industry, and consistently regarded by many in Chicago as the cream of the crop when it comes to independent coffee shops, this location at W. Grandville Ave. is a “must visit” whenever you are in the city.

    Dark Matter Coffee

    Each and every one of the coffee roast offerings that this coffee shop provides come from beans that have been independently sourced from some of the most environmentally friendly and eco-responsible farms on the planet. The people behind this coffee shop are serious about providing a top-quality product, but are equally serious about making sure that they improve their environmental footprint along the way.

    The Coffee Studio

    If after walking into this coffee shop you thought to yourself that it looks like the kind of coffee shop that the folks over at Apple would design, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark! Very much a modern and independent espresso bar focused almost entirely on crafting the most delicious drinks and snacks you’ve ever tasted – all of them from locally sourced coffee beans and ingredients – this is the future of coffee shops in Chicago and it’s looking very bright!

    The Wormhole Coffee Shop

    Not everyone looking for a delicious cup of coffee in Chicago is the suit and tie kind of person. In fact, there are lots of creative individuals that are looking for the kind of coffee that best represents them (just a little bit off-center), and those are the kinds of folks that flock to The Wormhole Coffee Shop. Featuring Halfwit Coffee Roasters beans and grounds, this coffee is exceptional across the board.

    Heritage Bicycles


    I’ve seen quite a few coffee shops – but none have also been able to fix your bike. Heritage has serious coffee, including a pour-over station and cold-brewed Stumptown Hair Bender. Highly recommend if you’re in the Lakeview area.

    Buzzkiller Espresso

    A slightly smaller and more boutique shop than the coffeehouse we recommended above, this particular operation is responsible for making coffee that will help your hair stand on end – exactly the kind of “high test” the powerful and successful in Chicago are looking for to make sure that they hit the ground running before they get to the office.

    Try out their baked goods as well – you can’t go wrong with any of the fresh daily options they have available!